yukiko/charmian !!
she/her , minor ,
asian , pisces .
sleep deprived writer / fanartist / roleplayer

(give zhongli/diluc a headpat <3)

student, always tired, occasional slow writer, still new to roleplay, no triggers as of yet, indecisive, insecure, angst lover

japanese tea, sleep, drawing, candy, my besties, music, lavender
spicy foods, the cold, staying up late, loud noises, surprises

don’t interact if:
basic dni criteria, you ship kaeluc, you’re racist, you hate lgbtq+, no nsfw please

before you follow:
messy schedule, will sometimes disappear, will forget to reply a lot especially for roleplays

anime / manga
kny, haikyuu, studio ghibli movies, kuroshitsuji, aot, bsd, tbhk + many more
genshin impact, obey me